Vital Records – To obtain a birth or death certificate you must be at the Health Department between the hours of 7:00 am – 5:15 pm Monday through Thursday.  WE ARE CLOSED ON FRIDAY. If you need additional information please call 260-499-4182 ext 5.   We do not have a debit/credit machine you must have cash or a check.

Currently, an appointment is not needed; however, it is highly recommended to be sure that somebody will here to help you.

Certificate Forms

Birth Certificate (PDF)

Death Certificate (PDF)

To obtain a birth certificate you must have Identification.

For mail in order you must send in a copy only of Identification:

Acceptable Identification (ID) to get a certificate includes:
* Valid Driver’s License
* Non photo ID or a state issued ID card with signature
* Passport
* Copy of your deed
* Baptismal certificate
* Buggy registration
* Employment pay stub
* School records
* Marriage certificate from the county clerk’s office

Certificate Fees

Health Department Fees 2024

Please note, we accept cash, checks, or money orders only. Credit and debit cards are not accepted. Please do not mail cash.

Birth Certificates – $15.00
(Combination BC – 1 large and 1 wallet size with plastic cover)

Death Certificates – $12.00 each


Birth Certificate and Death Records: Indiana began keeping birth and death records in 1882. Lagrange County’s birth and death records are kept at the LaGrange County Health Department, which is located right across the new LaGrange ParkView Hospital.

Contact: Kelly Bills, Registrar
Phone – (260) 499-4182 ext 5
Fax – (260) 499-4189

LaGrange County Health Department Genealogy policy

If you want more information about the LaGrange genealogical records, check out the LaGrange Public Library or Ancestry Search

Also, the following webpage sites can be helpful: (or 1-800-255-2414)
Indiana State Library
Allen County (Indiana) Public Library (which has the second largest genealogy collection in the United States)
Early Indiana Probate Records (Indiana’s Pioneer Era – Early Vincennes 1732-1835)

Mail-in Service

If requesting service by mail, please use our application/order form and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with money order, check, along with a copy of a photo ID. Do not send cash by postal mail. For requests received through the mail, please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay for the birth or death certificate?
A: We take cash, checks and money orders. Credit and debit cards are not acceptable

Q: How long does it take to obtain the document?
A: If you come to LaGrange County Health Department Vital Records office, you will get it while you wait – usually less than ½ hour. If you postal mail in your request, LCHD returns documents within five to seven working days.

Q: If I was not born in LaGrange County can I obtain my birth certificate at your office?
A: No, you must go to the county or state where you were born

Q: How long after the birth of my child must I wait to obtain the legal copy of my child’s birth certificate?
A: Usually within four to five weeks.

Q: if there is an error on my birth certificate, how can that be corrected?
A: Since each record is different, it is difficult to give advice without looking at the particular situation. You should call the Vital Records office to give you information on how best to proceed.

Q: How do I obtain a death certificate?
A: If the death occurred in LaGrange County, you may obtain certified copies from the vital record office. You must have at least the month and year of death and a personal or property interest in the record.

Q: Do you offer paternity tests? Where can I get one?
A: The LaGrange County Health Department does not perform paternity tests. Several sites that offer paternity testing can be found in the Yellow Pages under Paternity Testing & Services. You may also contact your family doctor.

Q: I was born in another state, but my adoption took place in LaGrange County, so why don’t you have my birth record?
A: Even though a person was adopted in LaGrange County, the record is maintained in the county, state or country of birth.

Q: I was born in Lagrange County, where do I go to obtain a birth certificate?
A: The LaGrange County Health Department, Vital Records office, maintains records for persons born ONLY in LaGrange County. Written applications must be completed and identification is required of the applicant whether by mail or in person.

Q: What is the cost of a death certificate?
A: The fee is $ 12.00 for the 1st copy; $ 6.00 for each additional copy ordered at the same time. Payment must be in cash, check or money order only to: LaGrange County Health Department. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

Q: All of my identification was lost/stolen/destroyed and I need to get a birth certificate to establish identity. Yet, I am required to present proof of who I am in order to obtain my birth certificate. How can I prove to you who I am?
A: You can use an utility bill, bank statement, payroll receipt, car registration; or a close relative can apply for you.

Q: I am in a hurry to get my birth certificate and I live out of the city/state. How can I get my certificate quickly?
A: You can use UPS overnight.

Q: What is the cost of a birth certificate?
A: The LCHD provides birth certificates as a combo using standard size (8.5″ X 5.5″) and wallet size in plastic pouch. The cost for the combination (“combo”) is $15.00. Payment must be in cash, check or money order only to: LaGrange County Health Department. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

Q: If a person has lived all their life in LaGrange County and is buried in a LaGrange County cemetery but died in another county/state, why don’t you have the death certificate?
A: Death records are recorded in the county/state where the person died.

Q: What if I want fathers name on my birth certificate?
A: A paternity affidavit can be filed with the local office, by appointment only. No fee at this time. Father and mother must come to the appointment together and bring identification document (ID).

Q: What should I include on my request for genealogy?
A: Birth: Name of the parents and date of birth. Death: Name and date of death.

Q: How much is genealogy research?
A: Check fee schedule or Genealogy Policy for the cost.